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A Men’s Group for Fathers and Fathers-to-be

Connect with a group of like-minded Dads to get support on the journey of fatherhood. Together, we co-create a safes space to share your challenges and successes and define your fatherhood values and goals. In this group we explore where you come from as a father, where you are at and where you would like to go.

Each week we start with a guided meditation, move into personal check-ins and then explore a theme for evening. For each session a different theme will be presented around Fatherhood. There will be a chance for personal reflection as well as group discussion. Many Dads place high expectations on themselves and this group is a chance for you to embrace being a “good enough” Dad. We will also introduce body-based meditations and exercises to help you become more resourced in yourself and more attuned to your emotions. These tools help you to stay present amidst the sometimes extreme challenges of parenting. We believe that having an honest and healthy relationship to our feelings is vital for raising resilient, successful, and emotionally intelligent children. In addition, each Dad will get a chance to:

– Clearly define the values that guide your parenting
– Clarify the steps needed to more embody the Father that you want to be.
– Explore how to balance family, work and personal needs
– Recognize and transform unhelpful male patterns from your family or culture
– Engage with a larger community of Men claiming leadership and taking responsibility for their children’s lives
– Begin to prepare for Fatherhood before your baby is born or even conceived


Sept 18th * Oct 2nd * Oct 16th * Oct 30th * Nov 13th * Nov 27th  7-9:15pm

Investment: $35/evening

For questions and to register message us at:

Rad Dads Matthew Cavanna ( and Matthias Geiger ( are your facilitators. They bring an embodied, heart-centered and mindful approach to this work.


“More than anything I want to acknowledge Matthew and Matthias for holding such a fantastic container. I feel they enabled the whole group to go deeper than I expected much more quickly. Thank you for that.” -Eyan Zak

“Besides the community members in our group that shared so honestly and openly, I genuinely appreciate Matthias and Matthew creating the space for us to come together and nurture this community while simultaneously being brave enough to share openly and honestly about their lives with us. I’m very thankful for that.” -Ben Kumli